Third Meeting

02 Jan

Third Meeting


// QUIS 1 :

1.   Which of the following are NOT shown in satellite photographs?
A.  The temperature of the ocean’s surface
B.  Cloud formation over the ocean
C.  A model of the ocean’s movements
D.  The location of sea ice

2.   With which topic is the passage primarily concerned?
A.  Technological advances in oceanography
B.  Communication among divers
C.  Direct observation of the ocean floor
D.  Undersea vehicles

3.   The word sluggish in paragraph 1 is closet in meaning to?
A.  nervous   B.  confuse  C.  slow moving  D.  very week

4.   Divers have had problems in communicating underwater because ?
A.  the pressure affected their speech organs
B.  the vehicles they used have not been perfected
C.  they did not pronounce clearly
D.  the water destroyed their speech organs

5. This passage suggests that the successful exploration of the ocean depends upon ?
A.  vehicles as well as divers
B.  radios that divers use to communicate
C.  controlling currents and the weather
D.  the limitations of diving equipment

6. Undersea vehicles ?
A.  are too small for a man to fit inside
B.  are very slow to respond
C.  have the same limitations that divers have
D.  make direct observations of the ocean floor

7.  THE word cruise in the paragraph 1 could best be replaced by ?
A.  travel at a constant speed
B.  function without problems
C.  stay in communication
D.  remain still

8.  How is radio-equipped buoy operated ?
A.  By operators inside the vehicle in the part underwater
B.  By operators outside the vehicle on a ship
C.  By operators outside the vehicle on a diving  platform
D.  By operators outside the vehicle on a laboratory on shore

9.  Which of the following are NOT shown in satellite  photographs ?
A. The temperature of the oceans surface
B. Cloud formation over the ocean
C. A model of the ocean’s movements
D. The location of sea ice.


Problem 16 Causative MAKE

            S                          MAKE             someone             verb word
His mother         made him              take               his medicine.

S            MAKE            something           verb word
I             made           the machine              work

Incorrect:  Are you going to make your daughter to work part time in the store this summer?
Correct   :  Are you going to make your daughter work part time in the store this summer

Incorrect:  I can’t seem to make this dishwasher running.
Correct  :  I can’t seem to make this dishwasher run .

Incorrect: Pasty makes everyone doing his share around the house
Correct  :  Pasty makes everyone do his share around the house.

Problem 17 Causative GET

      S           GET       someone     infinitive
Lets          get            Ralph               to go            with us.

    S             GET     something      participle
Lets          get           our car               fixed           first.

Incorrect:  Let’s get some of our money exchange for dollars.
Correct  :  Let’s get some of our money exchanged  for dollars.

Incorrect:  Nora got her mother’s wedding dress to alter so that it fit perfectly.
Correct  :  Nora got her mothers wedding dress altered  so that it fit perfectly.

Incorrect:  We will have to get someone fixing the phone right away.
Correct  :  We will have to get someone to fix  the phone right away.

Problem 18 Causative HAVE

                      S                          HAVE         someone        verb word
My English teacher        had                  us                          give         oral reports.
S            HAVE                  something            participle
I       want to have        this book                renewed,        please

ncorrect:  They had their lawyer to change their wills.
Correct  :  They had their lawyer change  their wills.

Incorrect:  I like the way you had the beautician done your hair.
Correct  :  I like the way you had the beautician do  your hair.

Incorrect:  We are going to have our car fix before we go to Toronto.
Correct  :  We are going to have our car fixed before we go to Toronto.

Problem 19 Causative LET

             S                 LET        someone        verb                 word
His mother       let              him                   go              to school.

S          LET                    something            verb word
I      am letting        this machine               cool

Incorrect:  Would you let us the borrow your notes?
Correct  :  Would you let us borrow  your notes?

Incorrect:  Larry is so good-hearted, he lets people took advance of him.
Correct  :  Larry is so good-hearted, he lets people take  advance of him.

Incorrect:  Don’t let that brothers you.
Correct  :  Don’t let that brother you.

Problem 20 Causative HELP

Remember that HELP can be used as a causative. In a causative, a person does not perform an action directly. With HELP, a person assists another person to do it.
S             HELP                someone          verb word/infinitive          
He        is helping              me                                    type                               my paper
He        is helping              me                                 to type                            my paper

Incorrect:  My teacher helped me getting this job.
Correct  :  My teacher helped me get this job.
My teacher helped me to get this job.

Incorrect:  Bob said that he would help our finding the place.

Correct  :  Bob said that he would help us find the place.
Bob said that he would help us to find the place.

Incorrect:  This book should help you understanding the lecture.
Correct  :  This book should help you understand  the lecture.

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